About us

SIGMA Engineering GmbH

SIGMA Engineering GmbH is a sister company of the technology and market leader in casting simulation located in Aachen, Germany, (www.magmasoft.de). Owner managed and fascinated by technology we make modern polymer forming processes transparent. With our simulation product SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding our customers optimize plastics parts and injection molds as well as production conditions of thermoplastic-, elastomer-, thermoset- or MIM/CIM applications.

SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding

Covered by a modern, intuitive graphical user interface SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding integrates multiple process specific models and 3D-simulation technologies which are developed, validated and continuously optimized also in the metal casting product for more than 30 years. This enhanced simulation approach is of outstanding added value compared to conventional simulation approaches available for injection molding.

Solution Service

Successful injection simulation always lives from the direct communication in the triad of simulation users with their real-life requirements, the support team professional in polymer technology and the actual software development team. Thus SIGMA Engineering GmbH offers a direct support and sales organization with an application-oriented development team located in Aachen, Germany, and a strong development-partner network throughout Europe.

Less Guess - More Knowledge

This is our motivation to move forward polymer technology. Further Improvement and optimization of polymer processing technologies are only possible by understanding the actual process details. Diffuse guesses are not acceptable and 90% solutions are not competitive. Our customers share this vision; our partners are helping us to realize it:

Becoming successful means: Make things different.

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SIGMA Engineering was founded in 1998. What other milestones did we celebrate in the last years?