Autonomous Optimization

With Autonomous Optimization our users take full advantage of our SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding technology, because even with comprehensive simulation approaches, the gained results are only a small part of what is really possible. Autonomous Optimization allows the users to exploit the full potential of modern simulation approaches and to discover what was up to now hidden below the surface.

Since SIGMASOFT® Version 5.2 the tool kit provided to our users also includes SIGMASOFT® Autonomous Optimization which introduces a new level of injection molding simulation. Using predefined parameters SIGMASOFT® calculates the optimum configuration of molds, processes, times, temperatures, costs and many more influencing factors in the injection process – automatically. You define your goal and SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding finds the optimum route – autonomously. This makes your course of action fast, reliable and cost-effective.

The basis for Autonomous Optimization is a virtual DoE, but it provides much more possibilities and contains a completely new simulation approach. During its set-up you can not only define various degrees of freedom for your variables, you also define the goals you want to reach for your part and process. Afterwards SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding calculates and evaluates innumerable variations in parallel to determine the set-up which best achieves your goal.

Your benefits:

  • Autonomous determination of process window
  • Optimum material selection through virtual DoE
  • Cost evaluation of mold concepts
  • Optimization of parts, molds and processes

SIGMA Academy

For our users we offer dedicated trainings with different core topics. Thus we enable them to use SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding to their full advantage.

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