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We present our SIGMA Award to customers who were able to significantly reduce the costs or necessary resources for realizing a project with the help of the SIGMASOFT® Virtual Molding technology. For years we are observing projects, in which our customers used the capabilities of our software to the fullest and found innovative solutions to solve. We see that our customers use simulation on a very high level and with the SIGMA Award we want to acknowledge how our customers solve complex and challenging questions with the help of our software.

Even though the single projects are quite different from each other, the winners of the SIGMA Award all have something in common – they are all experienced SIGMASOFT® users who exploit the potential of the software. Their questions on the part, mold and process go far beyond what is usually covered in common simulation approaches.

The first SIGMA Award is rewarded during the SIGMASOFT® International User Meeting 2017. The first winner is Günther Heisskanaltechnik GmbH. A second award is rewarded to Speedturtle. The SIGMA Award ceremony will always be held as part of the International User Meeting. The next SIGMA Award will be rewarded in 2020 during the next International User Meeting.

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